I am Iron Man

Marvel, one hero at a time

No secret, I am a Marvel fan, a DC fan, a comic books fan. I grew up with the MCU (yep, that shows I am still green), and this is practically all that I have known, with X-Men, Flash, the Incredibles… My life as a kid who is growing up in the 21st century with Iron Man!

I have watched End Game three times already and I can’t get enough. If you read my blog, you know the other side of me as the comic book kid, is an actor. I don’t just watch movies, I study them, I try them out, I worship good acting. I have idols, real life ones: Will Smith, the entrepreneur, Joaquim Phoenix, the cameleon, to name but two, and from movies: Captain America, Iron Man, Flash etc.

I watched Iron Man in 2008 and I was fascinated. At the time, the performance flew over my head. I was stunned by the suit! Yes! With the suit, Tony Stark could fly! This was my dream come true, all I had to do was get my hand on one of these. Now, of course, it’s different. Iron man started off like every other rich kid bully douchebag, but through the 15 years of his run (2008-2023), he grew and became so much more. A mentor, a leader and a father. Now an idol. His character developed into a true hero and that deserves my respect.
Endgame was the perfect ending to the perfect saga. For the first time ever we got a glimpse into the humanity of the heroes. After we saw them lose tragically in Infinity War, we got to see them deal with it and through that we saw that they’re only human as well.

The real hero
A real hero is someone who would give his life to save another. Now speaking in Marvel terms, that’s sounds like an easy enough job. But take a moment and reflect. Tony Stark had everything to loose and he achieved becoming the real hero by sacrificing his life to save the entire world AND without hesitation. He left his wife, daughter, and friends to save everyone. What a magnificent move! Respect!

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