Actor’s website, pros… no cons

It is daunting to publish a new website, write a new blog, and wait for people to take a look at it. Don’t you think? I have had a blog for as long as I can remember. But, is it really necessary to have an Internet presence? Should it not be enough to send out my resume when I am applying for a role? I am not a famous actor, far from it, yet.. So why bother? Glad you asked… Here is what I can say on this topic, in something like 5 bullet points… Maybe 4.

4. Coming up on Google searches

This is not on top of my list and there is a good reason to it. I do not pay any advertising to promote my name. I also do not even pay for the website, I use a free website,, which has been my home forever. I really doubt that strangers will be looking for my exact name on the net, and if they are directors interested in my work, I will have sent them my resume, anyways. For all these reasons, if I google myself, I will only find results that are related to my previous searches, hence myself. This might be a good indication of only one thing: How many times did I google myself in the past weeks? Other than that, not much.

3. Grow my social presence

I must admit that being present on the social media is a very important aspect, at least as far as I am concerned. One day, I want to act in a Marvel movie, if you follow me on Insta, you know I want to be Miles Morales in the next feature movie, maybe 5-10 years down he line… When I send my resume to Sony and Marvel, I want them to see how hard I have been working, and being present socially will be important, I think. So, this is a must, and besides, guys, it’s 2019!

2. Establish myself as an actor

I have been acting in theatre since 2007, and in films since 2011. At what point do you think it is ethical to tell people and mainly other kids, that I am an actor. I remember talking to my teacher in 6th grade, and telling her I was an actor. She laughed and shamed me in front of the entire class “Listen children, if this kid tells you he is an actor, you know he is lying!“. This was insensitive and so uncool. It made me want to establish myself. So, website, here I come! I will never let others try and destroy my dream. I am an actor, and I have a website to prove it.

1. Have it all in the one place, let it do the talking

This is certainly the one important asset of having a live website. Let’s imagine what it would be like if I did not. The dialog would run like this:

Director: – So, Leo, what have you done so far?
Me (thinking hard): – Mmmm… Loads of stuff…. Let me think… I did that commercial about recycling…
Director: – Oh, yeah? When was that?
Me (counting): – Like… 2 … 3 years….
Director: – Super… Anything else?
Me: – Yes, yes, I was in a movie called Usfahrt Oerlike… I was like… 13, 14 at the time…
Director (getting tired of waiting for something to click): Neeeeeeext!

See where I am going with that? Who can remember all this stuff? Who can find the one experience that will get the director excited about me? No, my life is much easier. I send my website’s URL ahead of time. And there is everything about me there. (I will write another article about what should be there). Visitors can freely choose what they want to look at.

As I wrote above, I am not a famous actor (yet!), but I get about 160 visitors on my website every week. I do not know who they are because I do not pay for the detailed statistics, but they each visit in average 3 pages on my site. And this is good enough for me, as of today.

I hope this article has helped you, leave a comment, I will answer, share on social media, keep it alive!

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