Online Acting Class LA style

With the closing of my acting school back in March because of the pandemic, I have been itching to work and study and act. I felt my passion was being challenged so when I got a chance to take part to online classes, I jumped for joy. I joined the Young Actors Space, a Los... Continue Reading →

I am Iron Man

Marvel, one hero at a time No secret, I am a Marvel fan, a DC fan, a comic books fan. I grew up with the MCU (yep, that shows I am still green), and this is practically all that I have known, with X-Men, Flash, the Incredibles... My life as a kid who is growing... Continue Reading →

The sacred digital tool box

A while ago, I attended a workshop on self-tape and there was a portion of it on "branding and image". This is something about which I had never really given a thought before. But it is important and one of the reasons why I thought of improving my website. This article is about what every young actor needs.

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